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Born and raised in the “Greater Boston Area,” Tessa Drake (She/Her) began acting in 2nd grade when she quickly realized not only that  she loved attention (the good kind) but that she wanted to portray characters. It wasn’t until her role as an 80 year old Jewish man, where an audience member said “I think Grandpa is a girl…wait no” that it occurred to her she may be good at this.



After attending Colgate University where she continued creating characters, directing, improv-ing, singing and acting, she moved to NYC where she started working in “Corporate America”while doing improv/musical improv on the side. When she realized that she’d rather play the role of a Media Planner on TV than actually be one in real life, she no longer put her dreams on hold and is now making acting and music an important part of every day.

In a Nutshell 


NYC Web Fest: Best Supporting Actress (Sensitive: A Web Series)

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